How productive is your factory?

produktivitets analyse_erfaringstal

Epirical data from, among others, Lean experts reveal that Danish companies on average use:

53 % of the time on production, the remaining 47% of the time is used on:

  • Preperation
  • Idle time
  • Transportation
  • Conversations
  • Searching for things 

– in other words: non-value-adding activities.

The time used in production is divided into:

Green time:     Activities which, from the customers perspective, adds value to the product

Yellow time:    Activities, which do not add value to the product, but are necessary. (Enabling processes)

Red time:         Activities, which do not add value, and are not necessary (waste)

A productivity analysis is both a fast and effective method for:

  • Breaking down how the costs for salaries are distributed
  • Revealing potential optimizations within the factory
  • Reducing the biggest causes for waste (Yellow + Red times)
  • Involving the co-workers in identifying waste and listing potential solutions

How will your base line look line if your productivity increased with just 3-5%?


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